Journey’s Seeds

A new Day! A new Horizon. A fresh Start. Embrace it fully or it may slip away from you. Life is an adventure. It doesn’t have to be boring or mundane. Life is what we make it. What we choose it to be. Circumstances and situations may be out of our control. But what we choose to do with them is what we make of life. That person I smiled at today, just to show myself friendly, chose not to smile back. I chose to not let that bother me. All day long we sow seeds. We choose what we sow, regardless of what we receive. In time, it will come back to us. Be careful and thoughtful what you sow. “Idle seeds which mildew in the garner – when scattered – fill the plains with gold.” Be a sower of the good seed. Replenish the earth with goodness and it will come back to you.

We may not understand nor know
Just how the giant oak trees throw
Their spreading branches wide,
Nor how upon the mountain-side
The dainty wildflowers grow.We may not understand nor see
Into the depth and mystery
Of suffering and tears;
Yet, through the stress of patient years
The flowers of sympathy

Spring up and scatter everywhere
Their perfume on the fragrant air-
But lo! the seed must die,
If it would bloom and multiply
and ripened fruitage bear. ~ Thomas Kimber

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