Journey’s Hurts

“I am pressing on…forgetting everything which is past.” Put the hurts behind you and journey on. In the very depths of yourself, dig a grave. Let it be like some forgotten spot to which no path leads; and there, in the eternal silence, bury the wrongs that you have sufferred. Your heart will feel as if a weight had fallen from it, and a divine peace come to abide with you.
To be misunderstood, even by those whom we love, may cause us to bear the cross of bitterness of life. It is the secret of that sad and melancholy smile on the lips of great men which so few understand.     ~ Amiel

Blasted rock and broken stone,
Ordinary earth,
Rolled and rammed and trampled on,
Forgotten, nothing worth,
And blamed, but used day after day;
An open road–the king’s highway.

Often left outside the door,
Sometimes in the rain,
Always lying on the floor,
And made for mud and stain;
Men wipe their feet, and tread it flat,
And beat it clean–the Master’s mat.

Thou wast broken, left alone,
Thou wast blamed, and worse,
Thou wast scourged and spat upon,
Thou didst become my curse–
Lord Jesus, as I think of that
I pray, make me Thy road, Thy mat.

“The power to help others depends upon the acceptance of a trampled life.” ~ G. Cord

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