Journey Steps

Every journey begins with one step.  A quote by Tzu says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

And each step that follows along the pathway of life can bring us many things. Steps of progress, steps of joy, steps of sorrow, and steps of regret. Your journey belongs to you. No one can walk it for you, and no one can walk it like you. It is uniquely yours. Others may walk it with you, but they cannot walk it for you, you must take those steps for yourself.

I like this quote by Winston Churchill, “Every day you may make progress. Every step may be fruitful. Yet there will be stretched out before you an ever-lengthening, ever-ascending path. ”  Another says, ” I haven’t a clue as to how my story will end. But that’s all right. When you set out on a journey and night covers the road, you don’t conclude the road has vanished. And how else could we discover the stars?”

At times in life we look back and see where we have come from. It is from the journey of our past that we learn. We learn about ourselves, we learn about  people, and we learn about Life. Although we ought not live in our past, it is  good to learn from it, and take note of what prospered us, and helped us become successful, as well as what  hindered us by our mistakes, and wrong decisions.

And, of course, we must find what that “right” pathway is for us. Our pathway. Our Journey. That is where God comes into the picture. For without Him I would be on a journey of misery and despair. He is the One who has guided me in the right direction. To Him I am grateful. He pulled me off the wrong pathway and led me to a pathway of happiness, joy, and fulfillment.

So to whatever steps we have taken, and whatever steps lie before us, we have the ability to decide our own happiness. We have the ability to make our own choices. I once read that happiness is a choice. I always wondered if that were true. I have become wise enough to realize that it is. Not sure who said, “There is no better time than right now to be happy. Happiness is a journey, not a destination. So work like you don’t need money, love like you’ve never been hurt, and dance like no one’s watching.”

Always remember,  “No amount of travel on the wrong road will bring you to the right destination.”     ~B.G. III

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