Journey’s Moments in Time

There are moments in time so refreshing, so exhilarating to the human spirit, we want them to stay with us forever, to never go away. I experienced this many times while touring through Europe. We hear the words, “capture the moment,” or “seize the moment,” but we are so busy on life’s pathway that we may hear it, yet not do it.

I took over 2,000 pictures on my European trip, trying to “capture the moment,” in real-time. I inhaled the experience and mentally recorded it, capturing vivid images in my mind, hoping to never let them go. I wanted each moment to stay with me forever. The sounds, the fragrance in the air, the laughter, the languages with the accents, the customs, the cultures, the beauty of the landscapes, the majestic snow-capped mountains, the waters that sparkled like diamonds; exploring everything in my pathway, because I knew that those moments in time would be gone, never to quite experience them again, exactly the same way.

Then, there are the moments in time we wish to forget, as though they never happened. The moments of pain while watching someone close to us slowly die. The heartache of watching a loved one’s health decline, day by day, knowing it’s just a matter of time, and they will no longer be with us. The moments in time when someone close to us betrays us, turning their back and walking away. The moments of regret, because we think we should have done things differently. Those are the moments in time we wish to erase.

But we can use each and every moment that has shaped our lives, and developed who we are;  as the caterpillar evolves from the ugly dark cocoon into a beautiful butterfly, we too, can do the same. My mother has a saying, “You have to take the bitter with the sweet.” It’s what we do with what we’ve been dealt in life that makes those moments in time either valuable, as a precious jewel, or wasted to be tossed aside with no value.

The clock keeps ticking away. Time waits for no man, or woman, or child. But whether we are standing still, looking forward, or looking back on our journey’s pathway, one thing we can control is what we choose to do with each moment God has given us. Let us seize each moment, and live life to its fullest, because today will never come again.

Following is an excerpt from my devotional book, “Springs in the Valley” paraphrased by me:  “If thou hadst been here.” John 11:21
“If only my circumstances and my environment were altered…If only So and So was not trying to live with…If only I had the opportunities, the advantages that other people have…If only that insurmountable difficulty, that sorrow, that trouble, could be removed out of my life; then how different things would be! And how different I would be!”

A certain gentleman had a garden which might have been very beautiful had it not been disfigured by an immense boulder which reached under the soil. He tried to blast it out with dynamite, but to no avail would it budge. Being very self-willed, he tried one method after another, but each attempt to move it, failed.

A friend of his, who not only had common sense but used it, perceived the hopelessness of trying to move the boulder, so he chose to use the circumstance to transform the boulder. He planted ferns, vines, and beautiful flowers around it. Visitors would stop by and comment about the unsurpassed beauty of the rock and the floral growth around it, which became a flourishing garden. That most unsightly boulder that was too deep to be moved, became the most valuable asset in the man’s garden, when dealt with by one who knew how to turn its defects into a thing of beauty and admiration.

Remember: God often plants His flowers among rough rocks! And every challenge placed in our pathway can become an opportunity to transform the ugly into the beautiful. It’s our choice to do what we can, with what we have.

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