Journey’s Seclusion

I have nothing left to give. I have given and given and given – I am spent – of my mind, my strength and my emotions. Ever been there? Weariness has taken over and you want to find that place of seclusion and isolation from everyone. It happens. We get there. At times we find ourselves in that vulnerable place through life’s journey. We don’t like that place, and we really don’t want to be there, but at the time it seems to be a sanctuary to hide ourselves from it all. It’s a  cave. Elijah found himself in a cave.

While journeying into the wilderness, Elijah came to a juniper tree. His request was that he might die. Bone weary and despondent he fell asleep. But God was watching. God is always watching. And in times of loneliness and despair is when God desires to send strength and direction, if we will be sensitive to His voice and leading.

But Elijah saw the cave and lodged there, determined not to budge. Sometimes our cave of despondency and isolation seems to be our only destination. But God, through His still small voice will ask us this question, “What doest thou here?” He asked Elijah that question twice.

When a man or woman loses heart they lose everything. To keep one’s heart in the midst of life’s stream, and to maintain an undiscourageable front in the face of difficulties is not an achievement that springs from anything that is produced in a laboratory, or that logic can explain. It is an achievement of and by Faith.

On life’s journey there is a place and time to rest. The body can only go so long without rejuvenation and restoration. God knows that. He knows what it is to be weary because He experienced it when He walked the earth. But just as importantly as physical rest from our labors, is rejuvenation of the spirit. That is where God comes in, because He is the one who can strengthen and revive the human spirit.

From under the juniper tree, while listening to his own defeated wail, to the isolated cave of despair, Elijah is called into an audience with the King of Kings. Presenting  before Elijah, a marvelous display of fire, an earthquake that shook the cave he was dwelling in, and forceful winds that could have swept him off the earth, God got Elijah’s attention. But what he needed was found in the still, small voice of God. Not in the display of his God’s creation – but in the Voice of his Creator.  That is what brought Elijah out from his cave, with a renewed vision and desire to continue his journey.

God refused him his request to die; rested him from service; reminded him that he was still needed; and then returned him to his work. Elijah thought his work was done, and that life had left him in the shadows, but God had other things in store.  God said, “I am commissioning you to go forth and anoint kings and prophets, and direct you on your journey with Me.”  It’s not over weary one. You may be in your cave now, but listen for His Voice, and allow God to revive your spirit with a new sense of hope, direction and purpose. And then go on about the Father’s business!

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