Journey’s New Year

Today is January 1, 2016. Today isn’t any different than yesterday, yet we celebrate the start of a  new year with anticipation, wondering what this next 365 days will bring. Many make resolutions, and set goals for themselves, while others think it’s a useless thing to do. For some it’s an opportunity to start afresh, and focus on making life changes. But really, one day runs into another day, and the cycle of life continues, until that life cycle ends. If we all try to live every day as though it is the first day of a new year, then maybe our lives will have better quality of life.

I have a devotional I cherish titled, “Streams in the Desert”, and every January 1st I read the entry. A portion of it says, “Today, dear friends, we stand upon the verge of the unknown. There lies before us the new year and we are going forth to possess it. Who can tell what we shall find? What new experiences, what changes shall come, what new needs shall arise? ”

None of us knows what lies before us in the days to come. Will there be days of joy and happiness? I hope so! Will there be moments of sorrow and heartache? Discouragements? Sadness? We don’t know. But the secret is to learn to trust the almighty God with every area of our lives, every single day in everything that comes our way. To fully submit ourselves to our Creator, holding nothing back. To learn to walk in the direction He wants us to go, to know His plan for our lives, and know what to do to fulfill it.

I have found that there is NOTHING in this life that can fulfill me like an intimate relationship with my God. Nothing. I feel so sorry for those who never develop that kind of relationship with their Maker. Knowing Jesus Christ, who He is, what he stands for, is the ultimate fulfillment in life.

Therefore, living this kind of life is like living new years day everyday. I am always trying to better myself, set new goals, and focus on improvement. It is consistent throughout the whole year. Why? Because of HIM. Because I know HIM. Therefore, I want to please Him more than anyone in this life. And, knowing that in spite of all my failures and imperfections, He still loves me with unconditional love. And He continues to extend His Mercy no matter how many times I fail. What could be better than all this? Nothing in this life. Nothing. Let’s live every day as though it is a New Year’s Day. Let’s live it for Him.



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