Videos/Rhine River/Rudesheim Germany

It was our last day of the most extraordinary journey through Europe. A lot of emotions began to surface as I thought back on the many places I had been the previous two weeks. When we left Germany to tour through six more countries, it was mid September, yet all the trees were still quite green. As we headed back to Germany to complete our tour, I noticed a significant change in foliage. Fall colors were  springing up as you will see in these videos. The first video takes place as we travel through the mountains toward Rudesheim. That day we boarded a boat to cruise the picturesque Rhine River. The day was warm, sunny, and splendid. It was the perfect way to end a fabulous tour.

In this video we are arriving to Rudesheim for the final stop on tour. Notice the fall colored leaves on the trees.

In the video below you will see Emma, our tour director relaxing with her feet propped up on the railing. The boat ride was so relaxing.