Winter Wonderland 2012

I had recently purchased a new lens for my Canon camera, and was looking for any opportunity to use it. Not much to take photos of here in the Midwest in the middle of winter, unless it snows. One morning after I awoke, I looked out the window after we had an overnight snowfall of several inches of snow. It was so beautiful – a winter wonderland. I was so excited! I dressed, put on my coat, boots and scarf, and grabbed my camera, and out the door I went. It was early, and I was the only person out walking in the subdivision where I live. No one’s footprints were seen in the snow (except mine) and I had it all to myself. Strolling in knee-deep snow, I must have snapped pictures for an hour, totally¬† mesmerized by the beauty and wonder of it all. Following are the photos. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.




IMAGE_52B0D9E2-A7C6-401E-8BFC-9B3B45179BD9 IMAGE_C8162365-59E7-407C-8BB4-4BA67171247E IMAGE_E7EC963B-2BCF-4C80-8525-C2EEDBF639FA IMAGE_FF66B072-7AA0-4683-A734-9D1E69EAB117 IMAGE_9B1CF071-EE8A-405F-A046-978B579EEE1E IMAGE_8156C9FD-F8F8-4793-BE8F-E6AD11CF02FD IMAGE_F53DEDC7-B843-475E-855A-EEED56B60F40 snow8t33IMAGE_256CDDEE-BF25-4451-BC14-A9D88E9FC83F

IMAGE_87C3B62B-1528-4C50-83AF-78FA2787A619 IMAGE_6C24385E-02CB-44AF-B5D2-24E33EB41A17 IMAGE_2F90E7BC-4FF1-4DC4-9E8C-D4309F31BC0A IMAGE_2C20FB19-9CB7-45A4-8BF4-2E8270E2B915 IMAGE_812AECB6-411C-492C-A847-4174434EF4E6 IMAGE_AFCC31AD-E309-4955-A823-30A75151AB96 IMAGE_ECB1EF6C-22CF-460C-9869-FB582209FA9F IMAGE_F5B119E2-271D-40E3-8573-0B0AED8F4444 IMAGE_C934F181-7055-40F6-9867-035341D10B2C IMAGE_C9878833-FC77-4788-97B6-6A53E080D450 6666 IMAGE_B3E07DC3-4621-4E3C-97CC-9C3B1F760212 IMG_3560 IMG_3731 IMG_3725 IMG_3704 IMG_3658 indy5 IMAGE_3AC6DC37-AEFC-4F10-93E9-873732E6A21D IMAGE_74F7F141-E083-461D-B5F2-43A0A5682663 IMAGE_812AECB6-411C-492C-A847-4174434EF4E6