Venice/Gondola Boat Ride

Charming Venice! Situated in northeast Italy with over 100 small islands separated by canals and linked by 400 bridges.  The name “Venice” is derived from the ancient Veneti people who inhabited the region by the 10th century BC, and today it is called the City of Water.

The day we were there was picture perfect. We could not have asked for more beautiful weather! We toured St. Mark’s Basilica in St. Mark’s Square, watched the art of making Venetian glass at the Vecchia Murano Glass Factory, toured the fashionable Gucci and Louis Vuitton shops, ate authentic Italian Pizza for lunch, dined outdoors for dinner in an Italian restaurant surrounded by lush gardens, and most enjoyable of all was the gondola ride along the venetian canals. I would  not have thought the gondola ride would be so much fun. If you ever go to Venice, you must ride the gondola!dragimage-068

After the gondola ride, we took a boat excursion ride into the Grand Canal just as the sun was setting. The most amazing day in Venice ended as we were entertained by a spectacular sunset over the Grand Canal. To view the lovely Sunset please see my post: Venice Italy Sunset dragimage-101dragimage-025

dragimage-053 dragimage-063 dragimage-197 dragimage-196 dragimage-081 dragimage-078 dragimage-065

In photo above we are going under a bridge on the gondola. Below is Emma holding the yellow folder – leading our tour group through St. Mark’s Square

dragimage-002 dragimage-027 dragimage-031 dragimage-030 dragimage-043 dragimage-033 dragimage-037 dragimage-088 dragimage-108 dragimage-054 dragimage-090 dragimage-204Boat Ride out into the Grand canal  dragimage-071 dragimage-077 dragimage-119 dragimage-117 dragimage-086 dragimage-108 dragimage-036 dragimage-035 dragimage-034 dragimage-028 dragimage-041

dragimage-109 dragimage-085 dragimage-115 dragimage-209 dragimage-097 dragimage-120Outdoor dining at Italian Garden Restaurant in Venice  dragimage-208 dragimage-091 dragimage-116

dragimage-080 dragimage-069 IMG_0159 dragimage-013

Venetian Glass blowing dragimage-094 dragimage-042

Venetian Glass Chandelier dragimage-026

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