dragimage-119Welcome to my journey blog. The catalyst that inspired me to blog about my journey was birthed from my visit to Europe in 2011. While traveling throughout Europe, I felt as though I had been transported to another world, during another time. What I experienced opened my eyes to an amazing world of existence. I guess you could say it broadened my horizon. It inspired me so much that I wanted to share it with others. Especially those whom have never had the privilege to visit.

It was a dream of mine, for many years, to travel to Europe. When the opportunity finally came, I spent several months preparing for my trip. The day my passport arrived in the mail, I knew it was eventually going to become a reality. Traveling with a tour group, and private tour guide, I visited seven countries: Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Italy, and Holland/The Netherlands.

It is hard to choose a favorite country or place, because there were many amazing experiences and sights, but if I had to choose one country that captured my heart-strings,  I would have to say I am very fond of Switzerland. There was something magical about that country. Everything from the people, to the clean, sparkling lakes, to the white-capped mountains, was unlike any place I have ever visited.

But then there was Austria! Gazing upon the Austrian Alps as we entered Austria left me speechless. And the scenic beauty of Germany took my breath away. The sunset in the Netherlands was captivating!  And charming Italy, with the gondola ride through the venetian canals, and spectacular sunset as well. Then there was France; majestic, elegant Paris, and the spacious French countryside. And Belgium and Holland had their own individual charms.

I still recall vividly the images, accompanied by the sounds and mix of culture and languages; man-made architecture, and God created majesty. From this journey, I marvel at what God has created. Only the Master of the universe could create such astounding beauty and amazing display of handiwork. Enjoy the journey, and be inspired ~dragimage-168

Flying on Singapore Airlines to Frankfurt, Germany was quite an experience. It was my first International flight, flying first from Indianapolis to New York, then from JFK Airport to Frankfurt, Germany. It was a nine-hour over-night flight. The flight attendants were extremely polite, caring, and professional. I would guess there were twenty-five attendants, male and female. All Asian, as the airlines originates from Singapore. The young female attendants were all dressed alike in Oriental printed two-piece, skirt sets. Impeccably groomed, and neatly coiffed. The service and food were top-notch. I have never flown in such luxury. I recently read that Singapore Airlines was voted number one airlines in the world in 2011. That is the year I flew with them, and I can say, first hand, I understand why. travelpmmmv

The picture above shows the flight attendant serving hot towels before dinner. The towels were served before each meal (we had three) to wipe our face and hands. It was very soothing and refreshing (Click on picture to enlarge). In another picture you will see our tour group getting ready to board our motor coach in Frankfurt Germany. The motor coach was extremely comfortable, with a restroom on board, and always stocked with bottled water.  We traveled a total of 2,686 miles on the motor coach, through seven countries. A magnificent journey I will never forget!


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