Lake Lugano Italy

Lake Lugano! One of the most beautiful lakes I have ever seen. Lake Lugano is a glacial lake in the Italian and Swiss lake districts, situated on the border between Switzerland and Italy. If I had never visited Lake Garda, it would be the most beautiful lake I have ever seen. I consider it equal to Lake Garda, except for the “feel” of the atmosphere on the water. Words cannot express my experience on this lake but I will try. The day was warm, and sunny, very pleasant. After boarding our boat I sat on the top deck. As we glided through the waters, there was a quiet ethereal feel to our ride. As we progressed along the lake, a haze settled over the water that looked like a soft mist.  We were surrounded by the mist as if floating through it. It had a surreal feel to it. The water looked like silk! I was awestruck. It was magical. This made the ride very relaxing and extremely memorable.LUGANOyg55

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