Rhine River Cruise/Rudesheim

It was our last day of the tour, and I can’t think of a more impressive way to end the most remarkable traveling adventure I have ever had, than lazily floating down the historic Rhine River, on a peaceful, pleasantly warm, sunny day.

After boarding the river boat, I decided to go to the top deck. Soft music was playing in the background as we glided slowly through the waters, glancing at ancient castles suspended high on the mountains. A soft breeze hit my face as I closed my eyes and listened to scattered chatter of the tourists. Intermittently, there would be laughter. The atmosphere was light, carefree, and soothing.

Life was good. The last 14 days had been a dream come true for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better journey. It was flawless, and almost seemed surreal. I thought about the many places I had visited, and how smoothly everything had gone. It seemed too good to be true. It doesn’t usually go that way, on a long trip. It was as if God had stepped in, and orchestrated a perfect itinerary – just for me.

To view video clips of the Rhine River Cruise, please check out my post: Videos/Rhine River/Rudesheim Germany. 100_2156100_2205 100_2207 100_2199 100_2200 100_2198 100_2187 100_2175 100_2181 100_2204 100_2143 100_2174

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