Rothenburg Germany

I was absolutely delighted while touring Rothenburg Germany. Located in the Bavarian region of Germany, a well-preserved medieval town dating back to 1170. Its name is actually, “Rothenburg ob der Tauber,” which means in German, “Red fortress above the Tauber.” This is because the town is located on a plateau overlooking the Tauber River. It has a magical, medieval, atmosphere about it. I tried to imagine myself living there, walking each day down the hundreds of years old cobble-stone streets. It was our second stop on the tour. Each place I visited, I wondered how could I like another place more. But it only got better!100_0064dragimage-011 dragimage-003 dragimage-005 dragimage-009 dragimage-008 dragimage-006 dragimage-004 dragimage-007 dragimage-010 dragimage-013 dragimage-012 dragimage-014 dragimage-017 dragimage-015 dragimage-016


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