Edam-Volendam Holland

Holland is delightful. From the wooden clogs, to the old historic windmills. We enjoyed a visit to Edam, stopping at a cheese factory; sampling Edam’s cheese, and strolling along a scenic fishing harbor with many interesting shops and restaurants, while driving through a picturesque Dutch village.

Edam is a city in the Northwest province of the Netherlands, famous for its “Edam” cheese. In 1357 the inhabitants of Edam dug a canal with its own separate harbor, forming the new community of Volendam. Edam-Volendam is surrounded by a fishing harbor filled with fishing boats, boardwalk, shops and restaurants. What impressed me most was our visit to a neighboring Dutch village that looked like something you would see in a fairy tale story book setting. The houses with the moats in front, had swans and ducks floating idly by. It was just surreal to me. Something so simple, yet beautiful. dragimage-070

dragimage-016 dragimage-001 dragimage-002 dragimage-075 dragimage-050 dragimage-049 dragimage-047 dragimage-073 dragimage-069 EDAMcheese dragimage-046


hollandve5 dragimage-072 dragimage-071dragimage-045

Below, you will see Emma Langstraat, our Tour Director. I snapped this picture because I knew she was in her country while on tour. Emma is Dutch and speaks five languages. She was such a delight, very personable, and had such a charming way of expressing herself. We all fell in love with this amazing lady, and after spending two weeks with her on tour, it was hard to say goodbye. She was the perfect tour guide. I enjoyed hearing her narrate because of her lovely accent. I made sure to record several videos with her speaking/narrating while on tour.


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