Last Day of Tour/Rudesheim

Rudesheim Germany lies at the foot of the Niederwald on the east side of the Rhine River, and is one of Germany’s biggest tourist attractions. A historic city of winegrowers, Rudesheim dates back to the Middle Ages. I fell in love with this quaint German village. As soon as my luggage arrived to my hotel room, out the door I went with excitement and anticipation to explore. It seems I was always rushing to check everything in sight, because I knew that most likely I would never return to this place again. Every day was a day of adventure, and I was the explorer of things never before seen. And what an adventure it was!


The Park Hotel

We stayed at the Park Hotel, located on the famous Rhine River. It was our last day on tour, after spending almost two weeks traveling 2,686 miles. Later in the evening we celebrated our “Farewell Dinner” in the lovely, elegant dining room of the hotel. The atmosphere was jubilant, exciting, filled with laughter, and one of celebration, as we reminisced our experiences on tour. We had 42 in our tour group, with a private tour director named Emma, and a bus driver named Roy. Both are Dutch and live in Holland, and they were absolutely amazing in every way.

Our group consisted of teachers, a doctor, a farm owner, a nurse, some retirees, three mother/daughter couples traveling together, several women like myself, traveling without a partner, from all over the United States. It was a great way to meet interesting people who love to travel. I would strongly recommend this tour. Everything about it flowed seamlessly. The last day is always hardest when you leave a place you love. We had bonded with Emma, our tour director, and I wanted to bring her back to the United States, since she has never had the opportunity to visit. Pease check out the Rhine River boat cruise on our last day. Below are several video clips with photos of our last day/night on tour. Please view my post: Videos/Rhine River/Rudesheim Germany to enjoy more of  the Rudesheim experience.

Emma Langstraat, our Tour Director, narrating on motor coach100_0035 100_1329

Roy, our bus driver in photo above             

Video below: Emma gives goodbye speech. You will see how much we enjoyed having her for our Tour Director. Emma was awesome!

The video below displays the atmosphere of the Village of Rudesheim.  Too bad I was in such a hurry videotaping. But I did capture the atmosphere of the village,  which was delightful.

In the video below you will hear the church bells ring. I loved hearing the church bells ring as we toured from place to place. It was a perfect way to say goodbye as I strolled along the river on my last night in Rudesheim, before flying back to the US the next morning. If I ever go back to Europe, this is one thing I will welcome hearing again. RUDi76 RUDI87y RUDI8o0m RUDi8mm RUDIshyw2 RUDI90 dragimage-073 dragimage-071 dragimage-072 dragimage-058 rudieshpakn dragimage-074 dragimage-056Me, leaving my room to board the motor coach for Frankfurt Airport to fly back to the United States.

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