Stanserhorn Mountain/Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps! Oh what splendid wonder. Riding the cable car up the Stanserhorn Mountain in Stans, Switzerland was one of many distinctive highlights of my trip. It was at the top, so to speak, of most memorable moments. The experience in a few words:  refreshing, exhilarating, and mesmerizing.


IMG_0162 dragimage-047

Stans is a small, quaint village around the Lake Lucerne Region, positioned between the mountains and Lake Lucerne. Twenty minutes away is the town, Nidwalden.100_1459 dragimage-020 100_1469 100_1358

dragimage-007We first took a train up the side of the mountain, then boarded the Stanserhorn cable car for the rest of the ride to the top of the mountain.

100_1359 dragimage dragimage-111 dragimage-132 dragimage-115 dragimage-114 dragimage-142 dragimage-136 dragimage-112 dragimage-051 dragimage-030


It was magical. Stepping out of the cable car, then suddenly surrounded by white majestic mountains took my breath away. We were literally high enough to reach out and touch the clouds.dragimage-144 IMG_0230 dragimage-015 dragimage-133


At the top of Stans Mountain is a gift shop, and a revolving restaurant with a panoramic view. Stanserhorn has the first and only revolving restaurant in central Switzerland.  Below you will see the photos from inside the gift shop and the revolving restaurant.

dragimage-143 dragimage-146

Below you will see the Cabrio, the new cable car that was launched last year in 2012. In some of my pictures you will see the prototype in 2011 when I was there. I can imagine it would be quite a ride on the open top. The new Cabrio holds 60 passengers. Below are pictures I used from their website.



2 thoughts on “Stanserhorn Mountain/Swiss Alps

    • @Alma – Actually, the cable car I rode in was the totally enclosed car. At the very bottom of my post you will see the new cable car (the Cabrio) that was launched the following year I was there. I don’t know if I would have ridden on the open air top of the car. That would be an exciting view though! And the pictures would be fabulous.

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