Verona Italy

Verona is a city in the Veneto, located in Northern Italy. It has an ancient amphitheatre built by the Romans. According to history, the origin of the name Verona is unknown. The precise details of Verona’s history remain a mystery. With the conquest of the Vaecame Roman (about 300 BC) Verona became a colonia (in Spanish means a community or neighborhood) in 89 BC, and a municipium (means a Roman municipality) in 49 BC.

Also in Verona is 13th century Gothic architecture, a 14th century medieval castle with a fortress, the Piazza dei Signori, the statue Dante, a 1st century Roman theater, and supposedly the balcony of Juliet, from Romeo and Juliet fame, just to name a few.

We toured during the afternoon and evening, enjoying Gelato (Italian ice cream) while strolling through Verona on the most beautiful night. I would like to return someday to spend more time there. I found interesting while touring Europe, all the Piazzas, Palazzos, Plaza Squares, and Platz Squares, finding Piazzas, and Palazzo Squares in Verona. Notice in the picture below the deep blue sky over the Colosseum at night. Spectacular!  VERONABBB

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dragimage-061 Italy, Veneto, Verona, Verona district, Fountain of Madonna dragimage-059

Gelato – Italian Ice Cream in Verona



dragimage-062 dragimage-064 VERONAgg5 dragimage-063dragimage-065

Our tour group below in Piazza Dante – Piazza dei Signori Squaredragimage-122 me3

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